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Image by Neal E. Johnson


A settlement agent is required to prepare and check legal documents, attend to various searches and liaise with other parties required to attend settlement.

Some of the searches made:

  • Landgate

  • Local Council

  • Water Corporation

  • Land Tax Department

  • WA Planning Commission

  • Strata Company, if applicable

This ensures the property is as stated in the Contract. You will be advised of any encumbrances or covenants relevant to the land.

We also check the current rates, taxes and levies on the property and ensure there are no unpaid accounts. We will make the necessary adjustments for any rates, paid or unpaid, on the property and account to you for moneys required or expected at settlement.

And we may also have to:

  • Prepare and/or check the Transfer of Land that will transfer the land from seller to buyer

  • Advise you of any problems that may delay settlement

  • Arrange with Office of State Revenue for stamp duty to be paid on the transaction

  • Liaise with lenders and other parties to arrange the settlement date and time

  • Follow up after settlement to ensure you are noted correctly as the new owner of the property

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