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Real Estate Agent Fees

At Foley Burge its our opinion that a good real estate agent will get you the very best price for your property.

You are entitled to negotiate a fee with your agent. They will normally have a scale of fees as a guideline.They are also entitled to charge you for any advertising costs and this may not be included in your selling fee.


Ensure that you understand:

  • Whether the selling fee is a fixed charge or on a sliding scale based on the sale price finally obtained

  • If the advertising costs are included in the selling fee or whether they are an extra cost

  • The advertising budget

RCD's and Smoke Alarms

There are legislation requirements for RCD's and smoke alarms to be installed prior to settlement. As the seller, it is your responsibility to ensure this.


Please see the below brochures for more information.

Fees & Charges

Our Professional Fee

Fees charged by a settlement agent for the professional knowledge required to complete the settlement. 

Disbursements and Taxes

These may include:​

  • Title search at Landgate

  • Bank Fees

Contract Conditions

As the seller, you may be required to satisfy conditions as stated in the contract.

These may include:

  • Repairs – Please complete any repairs as specified in the contract.

  • Working Order Clause - If your contract contains a Working Order Clause, please ensure that all plumbing, gas, and electrical fixtures, fittings and/or appliances are working.

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