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First Home Owners

The first home owner grant (FHOG) is a one-off payment for eligible applications from people buying or building their first new home. 

A person who qualifies for a FHOG may be eligible for the first home owner rate of duty (FHOR).

We encourage you to use the below links for further information.

Fees & Charges

Our Professional Fee

Fees charged by a settlement agent for the professional knowledge required to complete the settlement. 

Disbursements and Taxes

These may include:

  • Stamp duty

  • Title searches at Landgate

  • Registration fees to Landgate

  • Enquiry fee to Water Corporation

  • Enquiry fee to Land Tax Department

  • Enquiry fee to Local Shire or Council

  • Enquiry fee to WA Planning Commission

  • Enquiry Fee to Strata Company

  • Bank fees & charges


What about a Mortgage Broker?

Generally a mortgage broker can provide you with information from a whole variety of Lenders and about different loan packages. Many provide this service free of charge – but check with them direct.

A Mortgage Broker can give you up-to-date information in relation to interest rates and assist in analysing the different fees and charges of the various lenders.

If you don't already have a broker call our office and we can pass on the name of some recommended Mortgage Brokers.

Contract Conditions

Meeting any conditions on your contract is vital in ensuring a successful purchase. Engaging a settlement agent as soon as possible aids in achieving this.

Contract conditions may include:

  • Deposit - Ensure the deposit is paid by the due date, as per the contract.

  • Reports - Please ensure you make arrangements to satisfy the conditions of the contract. These conditions may include a Structural Inspection Report and/or Timber Pest Inspection Report.

  • Finance (if applicable) - Ensure that you take immediate steps to obtain the loan and attend to any requirements set out by your Lender. Written approval must be obtained by the due date, or you risk the seller terminating the contract.

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